MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS WORKING WITH THE FILM INDUSTRY Generator Van BY404 Photographs May Be Copied for Storyboard Use

This 1939  Southern Railway Parcel van has been restored and modified to provide accomodation for a generator to provide power for filming and lighting when on the move.  We have a 10Kva generator available for use with exhaust ports fitted in the roof.  A custom designed fan housing can be moved as required to aid ventilation and cable ports are provided at either end for concealed cable routing to the rest of the train.

While one cabin is used for the generator, the other similar sized cabin is useful for transporting equipment to lineside locations, battery charging or for locating a video village when shooting is taking place in the restricted environment of coach compartments.  The cabins are 4.6 metres long X 2.3 metres wide with double door openings  on both sides for ease of access.